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The Economist St. Pauli

A letter to The Economist: RB Leipzig and football’s imagined East-West tensions

Dear Editor, Your humorously headlined article on the rise of drink maker-funded RB Leipzig to the top-tier of German association football (“Red Bull gives you wingers”, The Economist, May 14th-20th 2016) claims to shed some light on the East-West tensions that are, according to your subhead, “very much alive”. As much as I appreciate your newspaper providing some […]

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Dügeda demonstration, Düsseldorf 2015

Why Germans are friendly and German bureaucracy is inefficient

When I ask my international non-European friends (mostly South Americans) about their image of Germany, answers usually revolve around the following buzzwords: well-organised and functioning bureaucracy, boring and unfriendly people, horrible taste in music. The last one definitely being true, my associates might just have gotten the first two observations the wrong way round: The […]

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