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We are disruptive politics

Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves. – Aaron Swartz


The digital revolution profoundly alters societies, economies and states. A common trait of revolutions, its consequences are somewhat unforeseeable:

  • Will it create more or less individual freedom?
  • Are we witnessing genuine shifts in economic and political power?
  • Who wins and who loses?

The task of the political decision-makers is to make sure global digitalisation leads to more freedom for everyone, contributes to a level playing field and produces more winners than losers. That’s why this blog project monitors and analyses political, economic and social processes in the light of the digitalisation.


disruptive politics are:

Matthias Bock (*1982)bock-klein


Sociologist (University Duisburg-Essen).
Interests: start-ups, new economy, Audi A5.
Topics: open government, open educational resources, autonomous cars, digital work life.




Tom Odebrecht (*1984)_20170130_142027


Political scientist (Maastricht University, University of Oslo, Free University of Berlin, University of Buenos Aires).
Interests: economic and internet policy, football.
Topics: EU, Latin American and international affairs, digital economy.



Contact via twitter or tom.odebrecht[at]