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Ciénaga monument

Ciénaga, Colombia’s sleeping colonial beauty on its way forward

Squeezed in between Colombia’s Caribbean capital Barranquilla and the coastal resort of Santa Marta lies the city of Ciénaga, a forgotten and largely malgoverned colonial beauty. At last, a new (tweeting) mayor may turn matters around.    A city with a population of roughly 100,000 and a mean annual temperature of 34°C, Ciénaga’s traditional economic base is banana production, managed […]

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bsuiness card Kosovo

A follow-up on Kosovo: Projects that make a difference

Following up on a political delegation trip is no trivial task: Members of Parliament (MPs) return to their daily routines and (very) different political agendas, are again caught up in parliamentary skirmishes, and their tight schedules might simply not allow for time-consuming follow-up meetings. This time was different. The aforementioned visit to Kosovo, Europe’s youngest […]

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“Fibre broadband internet for everyone” – The EU’s Next Generation Access (NGA) strategy is more talk than walk

The European Commission (COM) has championed the liberalisation of Europe’s telecom markets and (tried to) open up the networks for competition as early as 1998. EU rules implemented over the years allowed market entrants to provide consumers with narrow- as well as broadband services. Unsurprisingly, incumbent operators were not too happy: Deutsche Telekom and the […]

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