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Plaza de Toros en Bogotá

Opening the black box of parliament

The other day, a rather peculiar case made national headlines in Colombian newspapers: An, until then, unknown sub-secretary of the Senate, Colombia’s second chamber, shoved himself into a news network’s camera team. Mr Saúl Cruz, a high-ranking veteran Senate clerk with a 23-year long public sector career, unwillingly caught the public eye when his ruthless actions were […]

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Ponte Vecchio Florence

Parliaments in regional organisations. What are they good for (absolutely nothing)?

A growing number of regional organisations such as the EU, Mercosur or the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has set up representative assemblies, or regional parliaments, in an attempt to increase their own democratic legitimacy. As the public demands more political accountability, regional parliaments have taken shape in great variance as regards design, […]

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EU flag Arsenal

Three unconventional lessons from #Brexit

Britain will be the first member state to walk away from the European Union, a not-even-close-to-perfect political project that nonetheless has been highly beneficial for Europe. As the dust settles, the ugliness of the entire Brexit campaign, its destructive scaremongering and willingness to bring about economic and political disaster become even more apparent. It has effectively […]

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bsuiness card Kosovo

A follow-up on Kosovo: Projects that make a difference

Following up on a political delegation trip is no trivial task: Members of Parliament (MPs) return to their daily routines and (very) different political agendas, are again caught up in parliamentary skirmishes, and their tight schedules might simply not allow for time-consuming follow-up meetings. This time was different. The aforementioned visit to Kosovo, Europe’s youngest […]

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Idomeni police 2016

Idomeni: a tool of deterrence

There is not much hope left in Idomeni, the refugee encampment of 10,000 something people. Everyone in Idomeni was expecting some kind of positive outcome from the first EU-Turkey summit, all in vain. Officially, there was no clear decision, although the infamous “Balkan route” seems to have finally been shut down for every refugee. A […]

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“Fibre broadband internet for everyone” – The EU’s Next Generation Access (NGA) strategy is more talk than walk

The European Commission (COM) has championed the liberalisation of Europe’s telecom markets and (tried to) open up the networks for competition as early as 1998. EU rules implemented over the years allowed market entrants to provide consumers with narrow- as well as broadband services. Unsurprisingly, incumbent operators were not too happy: Deutsche Telekom and the […]

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Protest vor dem FCC-Gebäude

Netzneutralität in den USA: Is the FCC gonna take a shit right on your head?

Die Amis überwachen die private Kommunikation der ganzen Welt. US-Unternehmen greifen wie selbstverständlich personenbezogene Daten in Europa und anderswo ab. Und die Medienvielfalt scheint in weiten Teilen des Mittleren Westens nur aus FOX News zu bestehen. Trotzdem verfügen die USA über die wohl härtesten gesetzlichen Regeln zur Festschreibung der Netzneutralität, also jenem Anti-Mainstream-Prinzip, das für […]

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Plenarsaal des Europaparlaments

Der multiple Tod der europäischen Netzneutralität (heute: death by zero-rating)

Netzneutralität heißt, dass Provider alle Datenpakete gleichberechtigt durch ihre Leitungen schicken, unabhängig woher sie kommen oder was sie beinhalten. Das ist das Grundprinzip des freien und neutralen Internet, so wie wir es kennen und aktuell noch erleben dürfen. Es ist aber vor allem auch die Grundlage der Innovationskraft des Internets. So haben Facebook und Twitter […]

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