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Idomeni police 2016

Idomeni: a tool of deterrence

There is not much hope left in Idomeni, the refugee encampment of 10,000 something people. Everyone in Idomeni was expecting some kind of positive outcome from the first EU-Turkey summit, all in vain. Officially, there was no clear decision, although the infamous “Balkan route” seems to have finally been shut down for every refugee. A […]

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Dügeda demonstration, Düsseldorf 2015

Why Germans are friendly and German bureaucracy is inefficient

When I ask my international non-European friends (mostly South Americans) about their image of Germany, answers usually revolve around the following buzzwords: well-organised and functioning bureaucracy, boring and unfriendly people, horrible taste in music. The last one definitely being true, my associates might just have gotten the first two observations the wrong way round: The […]

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